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The Evolution of Hiring: Why Personality Trumps Education

By Drake Editorial

In today's competitive job market, employers are constantly looking for the perfect candidate who can not only bring skills and experience to the table but also harmonise well with their company culture.

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7 Ways to remove bias from your recruitment process 

By Drake International

Recruitment is a critical process that shapes the composition and success of any organisation. However, despite best intentions, unconscious biases can creep into the hiring process, leading to unfair practices and hindered diversity. We tend to typically identify with people who are similar to us and often make decisions based on social stereotypes that have formed outside our own conscious awareness.

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How to position yourself for your next career move.

By Drake Editorial Team

Have you thoughtfully planned out your next career move? Most people have not. While they may have a vague idea of what their profession will look like in the future...

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Breaking Down Barriers: How Technology is Improving Accessibility

By Drake Editorial

Accessibility has been a crucial issue for individuals with disabilities for a long time. However, with the rise of technology, accessibility has improved significantly, breaking down barriers and creating new opportunities. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the ways technology is making the world more accessible and inclusive for those living with disabilities.

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The 5 crucial ways to improve your onboarding.

By Drake Editorial

You're about to invest in hiring some great talent, so ensuring they are set up for success early will lead to higher retention rates, improved productivity and a stronger overall employee experience.  

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The Power of Growth Opportunities: Why Companies Should Invest in Employee Development.

By Drake Editorial

As an employer, one of the key responsibilities is to nurture the growth and development of your employees. Providing opportunities for employees to move into different roles within the company is not only beneficial for their personal and professional growth but also for the overall success of the organisation. A recent poll conducted by our company revealed that almost 50% of the voters felt that they have no opportunities to move into different roles within their company. Let's explore the benefits of providing growth opportunities within the company and why it should be a top priority for every organisation in today's market.

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