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The Drake team has been part of our recruitment drive, directly supporting the recruitment of the production and shop floor teams. The ANCA team enjoyed working with Matt, as he took a genuine interest in the roles and skills required within them to help find the best candidates. The ability to adjust and tune job ads and pitches to potential candidates helped Matt build a more detailed profile of ANCA’s requirements. 

Client: Manufacturing Operations Manager

Chang and Lee were the most professional recruitment managers I have ever met. They went above and beyond to understand my skills, experience, and preferences. I will definitely recommend others to seek your help in the future when they need to find a job. Thanks again for everything!

Candidate: Yu Emma

What impressed us the most was Drake International’s unparalleled ability to identify and attract candidates with hard-to-find trade skills. While other agencies struggled to locate suitable individuals, Drake International seemed to have an extensive network and deep industry knowledge, allowing them to tap into a hidden pool of talented professionals that perfectly matched our criteria.

Client: Rail Maintenance Services Pty Ltd.

I had a very wholesome experience with the Drake team as they were very supportive. Ivy was someone who I felt that I formed a genuine relationship with. Throughout the recruitment process, I discovered how passionate and warm-hearted Ivy is. She guided me through multiple interviews with encouraging words and always motivated me to do my best. 

Candidate: Lydia Vingos

Drake Australia’s unwavering commitment to providing skilled warehouse and manufacturing staff, combined with our longstanding partnership, has been instrumental in ensuring smooth operations and exceeding our business goals. 

Client: Fuch’s Lubricant

They contacted me on LinkedIn, and I was assigned Lee as my main contact. She has been incredibly helpful; her friendliness and professionalism are out of this world. It is rare to have such honest and transparent conversations when it comes to professional settings. I really appreciate all the feedback and the tips I’ve received from her. 

Candidate: Jessica Hsu

One of the most tenacious consultants I’ve had the opportunity to work with; truly understands the markets and acts as an effective and knowledgeable expert on behalf of clients and candidates alike. 

Client: Revolution I

My first time dealing with a recruiting agency, and I must say I am satisfied. Michelle is the bomb. She connected with me on a level during the recruitment process, and she kept in contact throughout my settling stage. She an amazing person. I recommend her and her firm, Drake.

Candidate: Tochi Agunwah

Drake's suite of Talent Management Solutions has been created to nuture employee growth, maximise potential, and support your team for long-term success.

Companies today are grappling with the challenge of retaining their valuable staff members. The cost of turnover, which can exceed 25% of an employee's annual salary, is causing Australian businesses to explore various strategies. 

The impact of turnover on workplace culture, employee engagement, and productivity is widely recognised, but many companies are unaware of the financial implications.

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