Since the pandemic, many organisations have been rethinking their approach to staffing. Businesses have been moving towards flexible, or project-based contractor talent pools for immediate access to high-quality talent, without any longer-term commitment.

Contract staff. A key in helping drive your business forward.

Whether you need contractors or temporary staffing for short-term or long-term hourly rate contracts, fixed-term contracts, or large-scale projects, we can help. By leveraging our pool of talented contractors, your company can scale its workforce efficiently, adapting to fluctuating demands and tapping into specialised skill sets.

"The quality of service has been first-class… it’s a pleasure to work with such a professional company to deliver our recruitment needs." HR Manager

Contract Employees: contractor leading a team at work

We have 15 branches across the nation, each staffed by expert recruitment consultants deeply familiar with their respective markets. We can deliver your team high-calibre contract employees across Australia in a range of industries and job roles. 

Instant access to talent when you need. 

In today's dynamic business landscape, many organisations are reimagining their staffing strategies. A growing number of companies are gravitating towards an integrated and dynamic mix of full-time employees, flexible workers, and project-based contractors or freelance workers. This shift allows you to optimise your workforce, ensuring you have the right talent at the right time, and skill sets to meet today’s ever-changing business demands. 

Partner with Drake Australia for contract staff recruitment.

When it comes to contract employees, we can help you find short-term talent to manage a project or complement an existing team. Contact Drake today