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Welcome to the Drake candidate help centre, where you can find quick links and answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. This page has everything you need to know about working with Drake International!

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Frequently asked questions for candidates


I've forgotten my login and password, what can I do?

If you cannot access the system, please contact your consultant to reset your password.


How do I complete my timesheet/hours worked?

Each host client will have a preferred method of time capture, please check with your Drake consultant if you are unsure of which timesheet you are to complete. If it is an online timesheet, read our instruction guide to learn how to submit your hours worked.

Can I access timesheets on a mobile device?

Yes, you can access your timesheets on a mobile here, and create a shortcut to this link. The default name will be FastTrack, but we suggest you rename this to Drake. You can then access the Online Mobile Timesheet functionality directly from your device’s home screen.

When do timesheets need to be submitted each week?

Timesheets should be submitted promptly at the end of your working week. If your last day of work is a Friday, submit at COB Friday. If you work over the weekend, submit your timesheet at COB Sunday.

When is the timesheet cut off for candidates?

All candidates should have their timesheets submitted for approval by their host employers by no later than 10am on the Monday morning following the pay week worked.

When is the timesheet cut off for host clients?

All host clients should approve and submit any timesheets by no later than noon on the Monday morning following the pay week.

If my timesheet misses the payroll cut off for processing on Friday, when will I be paid?

Any timesheets that are not submitted and approved prior to the payroll cut off, will be processed on the following Monday if approval process is finalised.

I am going away on leave and need someone else to approve online timesheets through the Portal?

Contact your Drake consultant to delegate approvals to another site contact for the period of time you are away.

I need to change the person who approves timesheets in the Online Portal?

Contact your Drake consultant to arrange the new contact to have access to approve timesheets.


When do I get paid?

Drake’s pay week is from Monday – Sunday with casuals paid on a weekly basis. Your pay will be in your account by the
Friday following the week you worked.
Please note some clients may have a varied pay week or period and your consultant will advise this on commencement of your role.

Where can I find my income statement?

Income statements are sent directly to the Australian Tax Office once completed and you can access through your
MyGov accounts if linked to the ATO.

I think I’ve been paid incorrectly, or I need an explanation as to how my pay has been calculated?

Please view your payslip in your Online Portal and then contact your Drake consultant for further assistance.

I think I’ve been taxed too much?

Please view your payslip and then contact your Drake consultant for assistance.

How do I view my payslip?

Your payslips are available through Drake’s Candidate portal. You can view here

How do I set up or change a salary sacrifice for my super?

Contact your Drake consultant to request a new salary sacrifice form.

Can I split my pay between two (or more) bank accounts?

Yes, your online pay information form will allow you to select up to 2 bank accounts.

I haven’t been paid my superannuation yet?

Superannuation is paid by Drake to your nominated fund every quarter and may not show in your statements until partway through the next quarter.

How do I update my superannuation/banking/tax details online, and how soon will the changes be actioned?

Contact your Drake consultant to request new pay information forms to be sent. Once submitted these are actioned within 24hrs.

What day is pay day?

Drake’s standard pay period is Weekly – Monday to Sunday. Your pay is processed the following week directly into your bank account on a Friday.

It’s a public holiday falls on a normal pay day, will my pay be delayed?

When a normal pay day falls on a public holiday, the pay will go in the day before the public holiday.

I need to get an Employment Separation Certificate. How do I get a copy?

Contact your Drake consultant to request and please allow a 48hr turn around.

After hours

Does Drake have an after-hours service?

Yes absolutely, you can talk to a Drake representative 24 hours a day, seven days a week on 13 14 48. Our After-Hours team are available to assist you with any queries or support required.

Work, Health and Safety

What should I do if I hurt myself while working onsite?

No matter how minor you think the injury is, always report it immediately, don’t wait until the next day. Follow the steps below:

1. Let your site supervisor know immediately
2. Call Drake’s Injury Assist number 1800 965 104

What do I do if I have witnessed an incident or near-miss?

If you’ve witnessed a safety incident, near-miss, bullying, harassment, or any other situation that may cause physical or psychological injury, advise your supervisor and call Drake on 13 14 48. For non-urgent incidents and near misses, use the Incident and Near Miss Report Form.

Can I report a potential hazard or a safety issue?

Yes. Proactive reporting of hazards is key to reducing injuries. Report these immediately to your supervisor on site and advise Drake by calling 1800 965 104 or use this Hazard Report Form

Are there any PPE requirements?

Some Drake clients will have PPE requirements, which will be outlined in your assignment confirmation.  If you are unsure or require further clarity, please speak with your Drake Consultant before commencing your first shift.

What if I don’t feel safe on a client site?

At any time during your assignment, if you have been asked to do something you haven’t been trained to do or you aren’t qualified or licensed to do, STOP work and call Drake immediately. If you feel unsafe at any time call Drake immediately.

How do I set up or change a salary sacrifice for my super?

Contact your Drake consultant to request a new salary sacrifice form.

What is WorkPro?

Drake uses WorkPro to administer safety inductions and deliver other information to you at the start of your assignment. We will also request you to update those inductions every couple of years via WorkPro. This ensures you have the basic knowledge to work safely, it’s also a legal requirement.


What should I do if I am sick or cannot work a shift?

Please call 13 14 48 and advise the Drake Consultant answering the call your full name, the client you work for and your onsite supervisor.
If you are sick, please give as much notice as possible; the minimum notice required is 2 hours prior to your shift. Depending on your illness, you may be required to provide a clearance from your doctor to your local Drake Consultant prior to being considered to return to work.

What if I am running late for a shift?

If you are running late for a shift, please call your local Drake office so we can notify the client you are working for.

I require time off and won’t be available for any shifts, what should I do?

You must notify your Drake consultant at least seven (7) days prior to ensure shifts can be covered. You can also register an unavailability request in your Online Portal.

I’ve been offered a permanent job, what should I do?

Contact your Drake consultant and let them know your change in availability.


Do I have access to your Employee Assistance Program?

As a Drake casual, you have access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP). This is a confidential service that is accessible to you any time you may require it.
This is a free counselling service which may also be extended to your immediate family members. To access EAP services, visit Drake WellbeingHub at www.drakewellbeinghub.com.au or call 1300 135 600