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How to prepare for a video interview like a pro.

Video calls are now a regular part of many business practices. However, for a lot of people switching careers, it might be their first-time interviewing in front of a camera. 

A 2022 Drake survey revealed that three out of four people were either contemplating a career change or actively interviewing for a new role. With the market landscape beginning to shift, now is a great time to explore new opportunities.

Prepare for a video interview – career change statistics.

Are you considering a career change? Discover five easy tips to prepare for a video interview.

1. First impressions are no longer your appearance but your environment.

One of the most significant differences with video interviews is that we now share a piece of our home or work environment in the call. Here are two things to keep in mind:

•    💡 Improve the lighting. You may be in a well-lit room, but if the light isn't on your face, a dim appearance can quickly lose connection with the interviewer. So, try to find or create a well-lit scene first.

•    Ensure your space is tidy. It might seem obvious to suggest cleaning your desk, but sometimes we forget what's in the background. If you find you're in a busy environment, use a blur filter to hide any visual distractions you can't control.

2. Create a video interview cheat sheet.

You are now in a unique position where any notes or points of reference you want to highlight are entirely invisible to the employer – why not make the most of this opportunity!

•    Research the company's website and social media presence. Learn and take notes on the areas that matter to the employer, like workplace culture, company milestones, or product and service knowledge.

•    Share your Soft Skills. With the ongoing competition for staff, employers are more willing than ever to hire candidates with skills like communication, teamwork, and resilience over years of experience in a similar role.

•    Prepare for incoming calls. Another great habit of getting into is writing down the names and details of each job description as you apply. This way, when you get an incoming call regarding an interview, you are prepared and can respond confidently.

•    Bonus tip: Review your voice message to make sure it's both clear and professional.

3. Body language and camera angles.

Poor body language and camera angles can often feel the same in a video interview.

•    Don't dress too casually. It can be easy to dress and even act overly casual while mixing work and home environments. However, this is an excellent opportunity to stand out from the rest knowing you look the part.

•    Make sure your camera is at eye level and not looking down or up at the interviewer. Looking down on the employer or employee can quickly feel uncomfortable, even though unintentional.

4. Become familiar with the software first.

Take note of which program is being used for your interview. You would hate to arrive late or appear unorganised simply because you didn't test or understand how to use the company’s preferred video software like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams.

The best way to prepare for a video interview is to relax and stay calm.

In the end, mistakes happen, and being real with a potential employer is important. If your camera falls over, or your dog starts barking, calmly solve the problem and show how you react to these situations as they happen.

If you do find yourself regularly anxious, try bringing a distraction like a stress ball to the conversation. Just like your notes, these tools are invisible.

Make sure to also have water available during the interview in case you start losing your voice (we've all been there).

Now is the perfect time to apply for a job, so don't be afraid to apply for roles that are normally out of your comfort zone. You might be surprised by the success you find in today's market if prepared.  

Visit the Drake Resource Centre for free resume and cover letter templates or visit our job board today for exciting job opportunities. 

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