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How to find the best employers in Australia for your dream job?

When searching for a new job and company, it’s common to quickly point out any “red flags” that may affect your role or working environment in the future. For example, you might be concerned about a low salary rate, recent staff turnover, lack of professionalism, or any other indicators that suggest this isn’t a good fit. 

However, it can be just as important to spot the “green flags” of a company during the interview or job post as well. What topics might an employer say that spark excitement about the role, company, or team?

Best employers Australia: green flags

2022 has seen an explosion of new career opportunities which encouraged many Australians to look for other options with new companies and even a completely new industry.  While the ideal career may vary between candidates, there are a few common themes that appeal across the board.   

Let’s explore 5 green flags to look for in a new employer:

1. Opportunities for training and career development.

One of the big positives within an organisation is to quickly spot the potential for long-term career development. If you can grow your skills and knowledge within the company, this can often be a key selling point when choosing a new role or industry.  

If this is unclear, during your interview you can ask “how the company provide ongoing development and/or support for this role”. A good company culture focused on career progression is always a green flag. 

2. The employer respects your student/parent schedule. 

Students are often required to follow strict schedules which can often make it hard to find time for other commitments like sport, family, or in this case, a job opportunity.    

Companies like Drake International are providing benefits like a “parent hours shift” which offer shorter days to accommodate for the busy mornings and afternoons of a working family. 

When the employer understands your commitments and offers a work around to suite your schedule, that’s a green flag. If the recruiter suggests a flexible schedule, this likely indicates the company will respect your commitments as a student or parent going forward. 

3. Industry specific tools and skill development 

Another benefit is the ability to work with software or systems that you are either familiar with or want to learn. This can be a reference for what to expect in the role and can when looking for career development opportunities within the company. 

For example, a candidate with existing experience in communication software like “Microsoft teams” or “Google meets” will find the onboarding process a lot easier which may result in more confidence during the first days of a new job.  

4. Great reputation and reviews 

The same way you check reviews of a restaurant before booking, reading the reviews of the company before applying can often be a good first impression. Look for positive reviews about areas that matter to you like the company culture, management style, work-life balance, pay rate, EAP services, and any company content that align with your values. 

5. Clear Salary Information: 

If a company displays their salary or hourly rate in the job description, this a green flag. Drake's recent survey found that 90% of people agreed they want salary to be included in a job post. Displaying the salary or salary range in a job post is respectful of the applicants’ time and demonstrates the company understands that pay transparency is part of building trust in a workplace. 

When the pay rate is hidden, or displayed as “competitive,” you as an applicant are stuck not knowing what competitive means. This is often a lower number that a business is not comfortable to share publicly.  

If the salary is low, consider other benefits within the company that might more valuable to you like a hybrid workforce, career development opportunities, or flexible working schedule.  

Source: Drake International - LinkedIn Poll results  

Identifying the best employers in Australia could lead to your dream Job. 

Be open to both the red and green flags of a potential employer while searching for a new job. If you’re unsure about which role or industry is best suited to you, reach out to the Drake International team today to for advice on getting started.  

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