7 tips to ensure your LinkedIn profile is up to date to land the interview

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If you want to be in the job market today, make sure your LinkedIn is up to date and fully optimised.

Your LinkedIn is everything when looking for a job. It’s your personal profile, your online resume and you’re networking platform all in one. This easy-to-follow checklist will ensure that you don't miss any little details when updating your profile. 

  1. Create a custom profile URL. You can create a LinkedIn URL that has only your name, rather than the random letters and numbers that clutter up the address. Simply go to “View Profile” on your account and click on “Edit public profile & URL” and then on “Edit your custom URL.”  This link can then be added to your CV. 
  2. Add a professional profile photo. A good profile photo increases the credibility of your profile. Those with a profile photo on LinkedIn can get up to 21 times more profile views than those without a photo. The photo should also be relatively recent and taken in a professional setting. 
  3. Make your headline stand out. LinkedIn automatically creates your headline when you add your positions to your profile. However, you can rewrite it to either promote an area of expertise or to let your personality shine through eg Digital Marketing Lead and Innovative Customer Experience Shaper.  The headline is generally one of the first things employers and recruiters see, so it’s essential to catch their attention right away. 
  4. Write a summary. The About section of your profile expresses your experience and skills to people who view your profile. Ideally, you should limit the text in this section to just a few paragraphs.  The only important inclusion is to list out some achievements.  It’s one thing to share your skills, however, it is so powerful to showcase your skills and the positive impact they have on the business eg Development of a new product website and campaign, generating 10,000 visitors and an increase in sales by 20%.
  5. Add relevant skills. A list of relevant skills on your profile helps you showcase your abilities to other members, like your colleagues and recruiters. Once you add your skills, your connections can endorse them, which increases the likelihood of you being discovered for opportunities related to the skills you possess. Make sure you select your top three skills first (either what you think you’re best at or what skills are most needed for the jobs you’re considering). 
  6. Request recommendations from your connections. A recommendation from a colleague or connection on your profile can be very impactful and provides future employers some insight as to what others think of you. There’s no limit to the number of recommendations you can request, but a good goal is to get at least five. 
  7. Spend five minutes a day being active on LinkedIn. Increasing your activity on LinkedIn can help you grow your network and your visibility with recruiters and employers. Try to spend five minutes a day on LinkedIn to like, share, comment, and post on relevant industry trends to show you are active and engaged. 

Make sure you check out the Drake Job Resource Centre, which has a free downloadable CV, cover letter and resignation letter templates for you to utilise.  There is also a number of job-hunting articles to support you in successfully finding work.  


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