The cost of employee turnover calculator.

Calculate the cost of staff turnover.

Why does staff turnover matter?

Understanding staff turnover is a crucial metric for any organisation. It reflects the rate at which employees leave the company, impacting overall team dynamics and productivity. It's anticipated that it will take 40 days to replace an employee, and an additional 60 days for the recruit to become productive in their new role. This amounts to a total of 100 days of lost productivity, along with other recruitment, onboarding, and training expenses. High turnover can disrupt workflows, increase recruitment costs, and affect morale. Understanding the reasons behind turnover helps organisations take proactive measures.

How to calculate staff turnover?

Use our turnover rate calculator below to determine your company’s turnover rate.

Benchmark employee cost
Cost of 'covering' a vacant position
Cost to fill a vacant position
Onboarding and Orientation cost
Cost of productivity ramp-up

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