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General & Business Online English Training

Learn English OnlineDue to today's global economy and the migration of workers to countries with skills shortages, the demand for English language training is on the increase. 

E-learning offers a comprehensive and easy manner in which to learn English, and is 100% free of charge.  Quality native-speaker English training is now accessible to anyone, at any time. Visit the Englishlink website to learn more. 

100% free ESL lessons with Englishlink

Award-winning Englishlink has revolutionised the way speakers of other languages learn English. Anyone wishing to learn English now has the opportunity to study with native-speaking teachers from the comfort of their chosen environment, at time they feel inspired to learn.

Englishlink's delivery is unique as it is the only online product available which teaches via pre-recorded, video-streamed lessons. Each lesson features a qualified and experienced instructor supporting students from beginning to end, enabling students to develop a relationship with their online teacher.  As using a pen and paper are also required for this program, students feel connected to what they are learning. 

Englishlink lessons are completely free, and are convenient for anyone. Englishlink students will:

  • experience English-only immersion training guaranteeing results
  • enjoy 242 hours of pre-recorded business and general English video lessons
  • learn from native-speaker teachers; each 1 hour lesson is teacher-led from start to finish
  • develop listening, reading and writing skills
  • expand their grammar and vocabulary
  • understand English-speaking culture and traditions
  • learn common expressions and understand when to use them
  • benefit from accurate pronunciation and body language
  • never miss classes, as they can study anywhere and anytime
  • do regular progress tests
  • receive certificates of completion
  • have direct email contact with teachers
  • reinforce learning by repeating lessons

Visit the Englishlink website to learn more. 

Englishlink's content was built by qualified and experienced English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers wishing to replicate the successful Certificate of Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) style of teaching, designed by Cambridge University. Englishlink is the only e-learning product in the world that has managed to successfully deliver this effective manner of teaching online.

Englishlink approaches English training through the 'whole language' approach.  The CELTA method focuses on meaning (context/situation creates language), while pulling all learning styles into the language acquisition (visual/auditory/kinaesthetic) process.

Based on this approach, Englishlink is offered as "units" of Study. Within each unit, the users develop their grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and skills through the interconnection of lessons, and constant revision throughout the unit.

In order that language is presented in authentic manner, each lesson has a theme used to present new language, both situational and functional.  Authentic texts further support the teaching content.

The expectations of students using Englishlink include:

  • access to a computer with broadband internet capability
  • a need and desire to learn English
  • a basic understanding and knowledge of the language
  • the motivation to learn

Visit the Englishlink website to learn more. 


In addition to the benefits listed above, there are many more.  Students are taught and guided from the beginning to the end of each lesson.  The fact that they can also rewind and repeat lessons allows students to progress at their own pace, and never miss a point.  This is something that cannot be done in a physical classroom!

The content of a one-hour class delivered online would be the equivalent of 2-3 hours in a face-to-face classroom where the needs of different learning styles and abilities must be met.  In addition, dominating students never sidetracks Englishlink classes.

Register your team today! Visit the Englishlink website to learn more. 


Each course is divided into units. In each unit, there are 10 lessons, a review Lesson, and a test.

There are a total of 24 Units (242 hours of lessons), elementary through upper intermediate levels, including 4 Units (44 hours of lessons) of Business English.


Following an initial placement test, users are placed in the unit most appropriate for their skill level.  Following the completion of each unit there is a test.  A user must achieve 60% or more on the test to advance to the next unit.


Students are awarded a certificate at the completion of each unit.



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