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Team Building


Do your employees work as an effective team? Everyone is in favour of teamwork, but good teams don't happen by chance. Drake improves productivity by helping your employees function at their maximum potential.


Organisations bear an increasingly high cost of having under-performing teams. Confusion, apathy, turnover, low productivity -these can all be signs of poor teamwork.


Applying proven methods of goal setting, assessments and training can make all the difference in getting teams on track.

Drake offers:

  • Assistance in articulating a unifying team goal
  • Assessment of individual styles using Drake's psychometric profile and behavioural preference tools Picasso and P3
  • Evaluation of team strengths and weaknesses
  • Training on how people with different styles can work together

What is the end result?

With Drake team building solutions, you receive:

  • More effective teamwork leading to improved productivity
  • A greater understanding of personal communication styles
  • Clarified goals, individual assessments, and training
  • A more positive work environment and higher employee satisfaction

How is it done?

Drake consultants meet with management and the identified team(s) to understand the particular business situation and performance dynamics. They complement this with the application of psychometric profiling and behavioural preference tools for team members. After careful analysis of the data gathered the Consultants work in collaboration with management and the team to implement customized training, facilitation, counselling, and process improvement solutions to improve results.

What is the payoff?

You can determine the payoff by estimating the difference between how the team is performing now and how they should be performing. What kind of improvement can you realistically expect? Perhaps 10 or 20%? More? Even modest improvements in team effectiveness are usually enough to create a solid case for a team building exercise based on the ROI you can expect to achieve.


Contact the Drake Solutions team to find out more

Theodore Moudakis tmoudakis@au.drakeintl.com

Tom Key tkey@au.drakeintl.com

or call 13 14 48



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