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Talent Management Solutions


"Approximately 70% of company operating expenses are attributable to total workforce cost." - Society of Human Resource Management


Drake International is a profit improvement company focused on enhancing the productivity and performance of your human capital.


We view ourselves as a true extension of our clients' organisation, priding ourselves on our ability to customise our services based on workforce requirements, organisational culture, and business objectives.


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This suite of solutions bundles workforce data, strategic consulting services and propriety technology to enable organisations to make fact-based human capital decisions.


We enable organisations to leverage their workforce as a source of unparalleled value creation, to truly fulfil its role as an organisations' most valuable asset.



Recruitment & Selection

Drake Staffing Services

Expert permanent and temporary recruitment across all sectors, verticals, and organisations of all sizes.

Online Assessments

Reduce subjective decision making in the selection process with our comprehensive suite of online assessments.


Examples of Drake's online assessments include:


Drake P3: Identify the performance characteristics of successful employees with our advanced psychometric profiling solution.


SPQ Gold: Assess and understand sales attitudes and motivations to improve the sales performance of your workforce.


Drake Picasso: Assess the behavioural, cognitive and aptitude factors of applicants for leadership and executive roles.



Induction & Onboarding

Reduce the time it takes your new employees to become fully productive and expedite a return on your investment with our tailored induction and onboarding solution.



Development & Retention

Drake Training

Increase the productivity of your workforce with our customised learning solutions.

Visit www.draketraining.com.au

Learning Management System

Effectively manage and track all aspects of the training and compliance process with our interactive, flexible and user-friendly software.

Performance Management

Improve overall business performance by aligning organisational and individual employee performance objectives, using our performance management software and consultancy services.

Engagement Surveys

Uncover quantitative and qualitative data on the employee attitudes and opinions that drive performance and influence organisational culture.

Team Building Workshops

Ensure your teams communicate and work collaboratively, increasing the productivity and performance of your business.



Exit Interviews

Obtain objective information from departing employees and identify proactive retention strategies with our neutral, third-party exit interview solution.


Maintain employer brand and minimise adverse effects while achieving the best possible outcome for exiting employees during times of change.


For more information on Talent Management Solutions contact:

Theodore Moudakis tmoudakis@au.drakeintl.com

Tom Key tkey@au.drakeintl.com

or call 13 14 48