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Learn how to measure the immeasurable in human capital and transform your workforce data into real business intelligence.


In partnership with HCMI, Drake International is offering a must-have guide for all professionals interested in implementing actionable workforce analytics and planning.


HCMI’s Human Capital Metrics Handbook includes over 600 human capital metrics and 100 critical and best in class metrics, many of which have been quantified and published for the first time. This is a must have guide for all professionals interested in implementing actionable workforce analytics and planning. It is easy to use and effective, while delivering maximum insights for measuring, controlling and optimizing the workforce.

Use the Human Capital Metrics Handbook to quantify and measure workforce decisions in order to turn Workforce metrics into dollar savings and ROI.


The primary metric categories in this handbook will show you how to measure:

  • Cost, Revenue and Profit Optimisation
  • Recruiting and Hiring
  • Leadership and Development
  • Productivity and Performance
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • HR and Center of Excellence
  • Measurement, Structure and Standards
  • Mobility and Career Development
  • Turnover and Retention




The HCMI handbook is now available as an interactive online guide and can be included with Drake’s Data Analytics solutions or offered separately for use across your organization. Your entire organization will be able to access the online version, 24-hours a day, globally. Another feature of the online HCMI handbook is that you will receive automatic updates to the online guide free of charge.



To get your free 30 day online trial of the interactive handbook or to purchase a hardcopy of the handbook, please contact Drake Analytics via email.


Contact us to find out more:

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