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Exit Interviews


Why not manage a staff turnover problem in advance? Turnover wastes time and money, but how do you stop it when you don't know what caused it?


The Drake Exit Interview solution provides you honest insight into why good employees leave. It also opens the door for employees to give candid comments on opportunities for the company to improve.


Exit interviewsWhat are the top three reasons good employees leave your organisation? Could you have kept them with just some simple changes? Without a professional exit interviewing program it's very hard to know. Departing employees usually give their employer a polite reason for leaving -not the real scoop on what you could have done to keep them.

Drake gets the real story.

Exit interviews facilitated by an expert third party provider, like Drake, give you deeper and more accurate insight and information than interviews conducted in-house. They generate the data you need to end unnecessary turnover and improve operations.


An on-line enterprise survey is an easy way to get quantitative data on employee attitudes that drive performance, indicating where you are strong and which factors are holding the company back. Outsourcing a survey to a third party provider gives you better response rates, more candid answers and objective analysis of the results.


The Drake Exit Interview solution:

  • Ensures exit interviews are done professionally and on time
  • Guarantees anonymity
  • Provides honest answers
  • Generates insights as to why employees leave
  • Finds opportunities for the company to improve operations
  • Provides objective analysis and identifies trends

What is the end result?

Your organisation will get regular reports on:

  • Why employees are leaving
  • Insights from former employees on opportunities for improvement
  • Recommendations on how to stop wasteful turnover and address other organisational challenges

How is it done?

The first step is for a Drake consultant to customise exit interview questions for your organisation. Questions are designed to encourage employees to offer insights on how to improve their former role and the company overall.


Next, the consultants prepare a communication plan so that managers understand the process and HR knows what to communicate to departing employees. The interviews themselves use an automated on-line system for a reliable, confidential and cost-effective way to gather feedback.

Finally, Drake delivers careful analysis that identifies where the problems lie and what you can do to stop costly turnover.

What is the payoff?

Exit interviews are simply a good management practice that communicates to employees that their opinions matter.

The payoff comes straight from reduced turnover and improved operations. If you haven't calculated your cost of turnover you will likely be surprised at how high it is. These costs include the direct cost of recruiting and training as well as the indirect costs of lower productivity, the burden on other members of the team and reduced client loyalty.


Contact the Drake Solutions team to find out more: 

Theodore Moudakis tmoudakis@au.drakeintl.com

Tom Key tkey@au.drakeintl.com

or call 13 14 48


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