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 Theodore Moutsakis




DRAKESAFE offers a comprehensive range of work health and safety online courses for the successful onboarding and training of employees and contractors. Companies can now automate their online compliance training through easy to use e-learning modules.  The training relates to workplace scenarios using a mixture of different e-learning elements such as video, images and quizzes.


All training safety course modules are based on industry best practice and can be offered as an ‘off the shelf’ or bespoke training solution depending on each organisation’s unique requirements. These safety courses can now minimise the risk and knowledge gaps that organisations face by utilising DRAKESAFE.


Drake has packaged the recently developed 21 e-Learning workplace safety courses and other compliance courses and created a new solution called ‘DRAKESAFE’. The DRAKESAFE e-learning modules are high quality and include professional videos to improve the user experience.


The newly developed DRAKESAFE induction/compliance training (21 modules) offers a great opportunity for Drake to introduce its safety courses as an eLearning solution.  DRAKESAFE automates, digitalises and streamlines the induction and onboarding process around health and safety at a low cost.  Most importantly, DRAKESAFE offers a competitively priced option. Entry level pricing on “off the shelf structure” and customised LMS as well. Further, the partnership with Mediasphere, who offer an additional 30 professional development courses, positions Drake/Mediasphere well in the Australian marketplace for further development and growth.


DRAKESAFE e-learning courses

DRAKESAFE courses align with specific industries and job functions, ensuring each employee and contractor are compliant and workplace ready in the following areas:


  • Construction
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing and Stores
  • Information Technology
  • General Labouring & Trades
  • Administration
  • Child Care
  • Managers & Supervisors + many more






For more information on DRAKESAFE’s onboarding and training courses contact:

Tom Key tkey@au.drakeintl.com

Theodore Moudakis tmoudakis@au.drakeintl.com

Call on 1300 029 144/13 14 48 or fill in the form below.