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Drake X2 provides business management Software as a Service (SaaS), comprising of core business applications (apps), delivered from the cloud. These services can be tailored to multiple business processes, operating workflows, or enterprise resource planning methods.


The Drake X2 intelligent platform delivers what we call 3DaaS™ – Design, Development and Deployment as a Service. Drake X2 offers a secure, virtually hosted solution, which complies with international standards.


Drake X2 allows clients to build business scalable solutions with off the-shelf or tailored apps through our 3Daas methodology.


Benefits of Drake X2


Some of the benefits of Drake X2 for your business:


• Australian-hosted secure server and T4 data centre

• Help to identify and solve key business operating process pain points

• Scalable to your business size and needs

• Customisable to your specific requirements

• Tailored pricing

• Automatic integration

• E-commerce app store

• Rapid, online-based service

• 24/7 support


X2 Applications

Some examples of the applications which can sit on your individualised Drake X2 platform are:


• Workflow operation management

• Succession planning software

• Automated recruitment portal

• Employee onboarding service dashboard

• Sales activity plan and reporting tool

• Production process inventory and reporting


The Drake X2 Team

The Drake X2 team are specialists in Information, Communications and Technology, assisting clients to build unique workflows and operating processes to suit their business requirements now and in the future. The Drake X2 team will design an appropriate, cost-effective business solution, encompassing ongoing support and managed services, ensuring the best ROI for the client.Contact Us


Contact Us


Contact us to find out more at hrsolutions@au.drakeintl.com or 13 14 48