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Drake Picasso


Drake Picasso - clarifies personality profiles and individual capabilities. It is a powerful tool used to determine leadership and operating styles, reasoning skills, conflict handling styles, personality traits, the role one plays within a team, occupational preferences, and behavioural competencies.


Developed by a team of organisational psychologists and designed specifically for assessing applicants for high-level executive roles, Picasso tests over 38 dimensions of candidate performance including behavioural, cognitive and aptitude factors. Drake Picasso incorporates Occupational Psychology knowledge and experience gained over many years, primarily in the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa and North America, and is an effective management tool for assessing:


  • Leadership and operating styles
  • Conflict handling
  • Personality traits
  • Team roles
  • Occupational preferences
  • Behavioural competencies


Drake Picasso is a cutting edge tool, combining six validated assessments into one integrated assessment system. Designed by a respected industrial psychologist and approved by the British Psychological Society this proprietary Drake tool replaces both ‘pen and paper’ tests and the need for professional supervision. Picasso can be completed on a computer within 1 ½ hours, after an initial briefing session. A report combining all six assessments into one comprehensive report is produced within seconds of the assessments being completed allowing a ‘same day’ feedback session with the candidate/employee which will:


  • Reduce Costs      
  • Save Time      
  • Increase Productivity


Human behaviour is affected by a number of factors. Accordingly Drake Picasso avoids predicting behaviour on the basis of a single assessment. The system integrates the following recognised assessments:


  • Team Roles Test (Belbin)
  • Test of Conflict Handling (Thomas & Killman)
  • Management Potential Test (Ghiselli)
  • Activity Preference Questionnaire (Levene)
  • Operational Styles Test (Apter)
  • Learning Styles Test (Honey)
  • Self Assessment Questionnaire (Levene)
  • Alpha Test of Intelligence (as used by US Armed Forces)


Picasso’s applications cover Recruitment and Selection through to Succession Planning and Retirement and Redundancy Counselling. Introducing this human resource development system into your people management programmes is the key to establishing and building a strong business team.


For more information on Drake Picasso or to find out how Drake Picasso can help you meet your business objectives, contact:

Theodore Moudakis tmoudakis@au.drakeintl.com

Tom Key tkey@au.drakeintl.com

or call 13 14 48