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Psychometric Testing: Drake P3®


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How do you identify individuals with the greatest potential to advance? Drake P3® will show you who your candidates really are.


Drake P3® is an online personality psychometric test that takes the guesswork out of predicting performance and behavioural compatibility with the job. This psychometric testing adds science to the selection process by applying a standardized model of selection – one that not only looks at a candidate’s merits and qualifications but takes into consideration key behavioural traits, personalities and desired core competencies best suited to your corporate culture and to the specific positions.


Drake P3® uses objective, scientifically-based data to highlight key traits, communication, and motivational aspects that can predict workplace performance. The psychometric testing allows you to get to know people better and faster. It will assist you in using personalities traits to select the ‘right fit’, onboard new hires, enhance teamwork, identify and develop talent, as well as motivate top performers.


As you match positions to personalities, you increase the potential to reduce overhead. Research shows that poor candidate selection can result in a hard cost of 40% of the positions annual salary and 3-5 times as much in missed opportunities, low morale, lost productivity and negative team culture.


Comparing team members and their personalities can assist managers to better understand how to motivate their team and effectively address potential conflict. Drake P3® has the ability to generate these individual and team reports:


  • Candidate to Job Matching

  • Job Recommendation

  • New Hire Integration

  • Manager to Candidate Comparison

  • Manager to Staff Member Comparison

  • Peer to Peer Profile Comparison

  • Role Adjustment

  • Team Communication

  • Team Analysis


Drake P3® Psychometric Testing, only takes 10-15 minute to complete and contains 100 adjectives that each individual may choose to describe themselves. The responses are then processed through 14,000 statistical calculations, at the click of a mouse. The real strength of the Drake P3® is that it assists organizations throughout the employee life cycle from recruitment to leadership development. The result is a powerful insightful behavioural profile, which sets out the individual’s unique combination of 4 primary behavioural drivers.


  • Dominance

  • Extroversion

  • Patience

  • Conformity


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