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Psychometric Testing


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The Art and Science of Human Resource Management

Drake P3 and Drake Picasso are psychometric assessment  tools used to generate accurate and reliable reports about the behavioural traits of both individuals and teams. This information assists employers to maximise the performance of their people and strategically manage every aspect of the employee lifecycle. 

Drake P3

Drake P3 is a user friendly behavioural assessment tool which can be completed online in less than fifteen minutes. The tool features four expert modules that can be applied throughout the employee lifecycle.

Selection Expert

A precise tool used to identify specific behavioural tendencies which naturally incline candidates to succeed in certain roles.

Performance Expert

This tool assists managers to align individuals with the goals of the organisation by analysing any gaps between their performance and that of their high performing colleagues.

Management Expert

This tool builds a more effective workforce. It is used to open and enhance communication, resolve conflict, measure training effectiveness and motivate your people to achieve their goals.

Team Expert

A high-tech toolbox which facilitates understanding of team dynamics and assists
in the integration of new team members.


Download a Drake P3 brochure and contact the Drake Solutions team at solutions@au.drakeintl.com to find out more.


Drake Picasso

Drake Picasso is a psychometric assessment tool used to gain deep insights about individual's behavioural patterns accross different roles. Some of the traits analysed include leadership style, reasoning skills, team dynamics and conflict resolution abilities.

Drake Picasso is an ideal tool for supporting the executive recruitment process and can be completed online in under approximatley 90 minutes.


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Contact the Drake Solutions team at solutions@au.drakeintl.com to find out more.


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