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Psychometric Behavioural Testing: Drake P3®


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In today’s fast paced workforce, teams need to be adaptable, cohesive and performance producing. The question is how can a team reach those desired productivity levels faster and smarter?

Introducing Drake P3, a personality assessment taking the guesswork out of predicting performance by identifying behavioural compatibility for employees and teams.

How Does It Work?

Drake P3® uses objective, scientifically-based data to highlight communication styles, key behavioural traits, and motivations.


The result is a powerful insightful behavioural profile, which sets out the individual’s unique combination of 4 primary behavioural drivers. 


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Drake P3. The essential building block for Team & Leadership Development


  • Recognising team members and their personalities can assist managers to better understand how to motivate their team, enhance team culture and advance leadership and development
  • Drake P3® generates a wide range of individual and team reports to provide valuable insight to identify top talent and develop team cohesion and performance.  


Drake P3®. The unfair advantage in Attraction and Hiring

Psychometric testing adds science to the selection process looking at a candidate’s merits and
qualifications as well as key behavioural and personality traits.

Using Drake P3 to select the ‘right fit’ for a new recruit leads to a dramatic improvement in staff selection and retention, as well as enhanced teamwork, performance and productivity.


Get in contact with us today to trial a quick free assessment, or download a Drake P3 brochure. For more information on Drake P3 contact: Theodore Moudakis tmoudakis@au.drakeintl.com.  Call on 1300 029 144 or fill in the form below.  


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