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If multiple applicants (and existing employees) look the same on paper, how do you distinguish between them? Whether you are making a hiring decision or investing in training, you need to accurately evaluate a person's skills, knowledge and behaviours. This is readily done with Drake on-line assessment solutions, helping to predict and shape on-the-job performance.


In this world of accelerated change, knowledge is everything. Yet assessing skills and behaviours are equally important for hiring, onboarding, training and promotion. Drake links modern technologies with the human touch, in order to attract and assess top performers to suit your company and the job at hand.



DrakeWize provides administrative and technical skills evaluations with a suite of assessments covering over 100 Windows based applications and 50 MacIntosh programs. DrakeWize can accurately identify an individual's skill level in both general computer skills and a wide variety of specific computer applications. DrakeWize offers a broad selection of job-specific skills tests, including:


  • Accounting skills
  • Legal skills
  • Industrial skills
  • Clerical skills
  • Call centre skills
  • Medical skills
  • PC skills
  • IT skills


Virtual Customer Contact (VCC) Skills

80% of sales representatives fail within their first year. For positions that require employees to work directly with customers, Drake offers VCC assessments. This is a multi-media assessment that simulates the work of customer contact personnel in a multi-tasking environment.

Behavioural Assessments

"Did you know that 87% of people who leave their organisation or their team do so because of Personality Conflicts and NOT Capability?" (Dr. Kurt Einstein)

Behavioural assessment solutions can help remove the subjectivity in the selection process, and identify the traits best suited to your corporate culture, and to the specific position.

What behavioural assessment technology makes this possible?

Drake P3, installed in over 2,000 sites worldwide, is an advanced behavioural and personality profiling solution that identifies the performance characteristics of successful employees.

Drake Picasso clarifies personality profiles and individual capabilities. It is a powerful psychometric assessment tool used to determine leadership and operating styles, reasoning skills, conflict handling styles, personality traits, the role one plays within a team, occupational preferences, and behavioural competencies.

What is the end result?

With behavioural assessments, you receive:

  • Assistance in eliminating the guesswork out of attracting and selecting the right people for your position
  • Accurate assessments of individual's skills, knowledge and behaviours
  • Assistance integrating testing into your HR processes.


How is it done?

Drake has a library of existing tests that organisations can simply choose from if needed. If customised testing is needed, a Drake consultant can help tailor an assessment solution to suit your unique needs. All assessments are web-based, so no special hardware or IT skills are required.

What is the payoff?

The immediate payoff comes from preventing bad hires. Sometimes candidates sound good in an interview but don't actually have the needed skills or behavioural styles. Drake assessment solutions ensure candidates really do have the skills and behaviours you need, and at the levels desired. Further savings come from ensuring training dollars are not wasted teaching skills at too low or too high a level.


Contact the Drake Solutions team to find out more: 

Theodore Moudakis tmoudakis@au.drakeintl.com

Tom Key tkey@au.drakeintl.com

or call 13 14 48



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