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Employee Engagement: Have you neglected your talent during the downturn?

As we approach an upturn in the employment market, employee engagement and retention need to become a key focus for organisations.

The response of organisations to the recent market downturn has had a significant detrimental impact over the longer term engagement of their workforce.

Company's reactions to the GFC such as downsizing, redundancies and recruitment freezes have actively de-motivated employees.

Even more impactful however, has been the reduction in the investment towards internal employee inducement functions such as training, learning and development, succession planning and other talent management processes.

Organisations which have reduced professional development functions may have missed out on the potential to select or retain and manage key groups of employees with high potential to develop, learn and grow in their organisation.

These high performance employees value the professional development of their skills and when the upturn occurs, such employees are more likely to have experienced reduced morale, and leave the organisation as a result.

Employee retention involves ensuring that key talent are motivated, satisfied and productive.

Drake Actualizer

Drake Actualizer targets employee engagement and retention in the market upturn.

This HR software provides organisations with comprehensive insight into their employee's skills, experience, capabilities and career goals, and supports adequate talent management and succession and workforce planning for every individual within the organisation.

Drake Actualizer also supports individualised professional development for all employees by highlighting employee's capability gaps and learning needs.

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