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Drake International and The Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI) Partner to Bring Innovative Human Capital & Talent Management Products to the Market


Marina Del Rey, CA – September 11, 2014 – The Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI), an industry leader in advanced workforce analytics solutions and predictive human capital management metrics, announced that it has entered into a partnership with Drake International.


“HCMI brings deep expertise and analytics tools to clients, creating an ecosystem of analytics that enables companies to easily transform HR data into workforce intelligence.  This partnership will better enable companies around the world to use these tools to quantify, predict, and optimise workforce costs, productivity, and ultimately, profit.”

Bill Pollock, Chairman – Drake International


Drake International’s 63 year history of using workforce productivity and measurement to build a trusted advisor relationship combined with HCMI’s globally recognised expertise with software, training, and expertise for workforce productivity and analytics re-enforces Drake’s capability to assist clients to improve productivity in areas ranging from recruiting to performance to training and staff retention. 


“There is so much synergy with Drake’s vision to help companies improve their productivity through talent and human capital with HCMI’s mission of bringing measures, metrics and predictive capability to workforce data.  We’re really excited as we are currently in the development stage of some really innovative talent management product offerings built on the best of both worlds.”

Jeff Higgins, CEO – HCMI


Higgins also hinted at an upcoming HCMI software platform that will allow companies to easily monitor key aspects of their human capital including training and recruiting ROI at a level that is currently unobtainable for many companies due to cost and inherent data constraints.  Higgins says to expect to hear more about this product very soon.



About Drake International


Drake International (http://au.drakeintl.com/) is focused on developing the people, productivity and performance of businesses with our suite of recruitment and talent management solutions.

Drake provides recruiting, assessing, training and development, as well as engagement and retention solutions to assist your business throughout any stage in the employee lifecycle to help build productivity, performance, and therefore profit improvement. Drake has operations across Australia, and in 10 countries around the world.


About HCMI


The Human Capital Management Institute was founded on the belief that organisations can and must find better ways of measuring their investments in human capital. HCMI strives to fundamentally change the way organisations make decisions about their workforce. HCMI’s vision of the future is one in which human capital measurement and information is as integral to business decision making as financial information is today. Serving global clients, HCMI delivers advanced workforce intelligence training, assessments, consulting, and the world’s most advanced workforce analytics (http://www.hcminst.com/solveworkforce) and workforce planning modeling tools.


To learn more about HCMI’s advancements in the field of workforce analytics, planning and human capital metrics, read their latest study linking human capital to business performance explaining the link between HR metrics and stock price (http://hcminst.com/linking-human-capital-to-business-performance).




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Human Capital Management Institute

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Manager HR Analytics & Organisational Effectiveness

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