Workplace Wellbeing Insights Reveal 4 out of 5 Workers are Struggling During COVID-19

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2020 has seen a major shift in the way in which we do business globally. Workplaces aren’t the collaborative, open place that they once were. Teams work more in silos, and people are now, more than ever, dealing with the highs and lows of this new ‘normal’.

Since March, more than a third of the Australian workforce has been working from home. Findings from The Wellbeing Lab has revealed a staggering 81% of Australian employees are struggling.

The Wellbeing Lab conducted a research study with more than 1,400 Australian workers in August, uncovering some alarming insights. Workers wellbeing has been impacted by the events of the year, business leaders now have big shoes to fill in supporting their workers, instigating positive change and instilling psychological safety in the workplace. 

The primary data revealed 37.6% of workers feel their manager expresses care in some form and only 32.1% feel comfortable sharing struggles in their workplace, with only 7.4% of employees reporting they feel they are thriving.


Andrea Marlan, Drake’s National Manager of Solutions and Consulting Services wants to remind business leaders “these obstacles aren’t going away any time soon and the reality is we’re living in a new normal; we need to embed wellbeing solutions into organisational DNA.” Adopting a top-down approach will be business' key to success, highlighting the important role of business leaders in leading this change. 

Drake International will host a webinar 'Australian Worker Wellbeing Insights - Helping Your People Thrive' on October 1st to discuss these valuable research findings and offer opportunities to business leaders on how to play their part in helping their workforce not just survive, but thrive through these uncertain times.

Speakers include Drake's Andrea Marlan, best-selling author and people expert, Dr Michelle McQuaid, and Danielle Jacobs, registered psychologist and leading subject matter expert in Australia's wellbeing space. Dr McQuaid and Ms Jacobs are co-founders of The Wellbeing Lab. 

The interactive discussion will explore the impacts of COVID-19 on the wellbeing of Australian workers, highlights from the research findings, ‘best practice’ in leading workplaces, and the important role of leadership. The session is designed for Boards, HR, People & Culture specialists, Business Owners, Leaders and Learning & Development professionals.

“Australian businesses are scrambling to adjust to the sudden shift in workplace culture and operations. Drake wants to be at the forefront of this transformation,’ said Ms Marlan. 

‘By providing insights and primary data, we can pinpoint where key issues lie, giving businesses relevant and useful steps to improve wellbeing and productivity among their employees’ Marlan added.


Looking for more information to start your wellbeing journey? Contact Drake today on 13 14 48  or visit us at au.drakeintl.com.


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