Where Is the Procurement Talent?

Drake International

Recruiting and attracting a workforce has changed dramatically, especially in the last 18 months; it is no longer a simple case of “if you have a job, you will fill the position”.   

COVID has seen closed borders, stunted immigration, and a hesitancy of candidates re job movement.  The Procurement and Logistic sector have been impacted like so many other sectors.

The procurement industry is normally fluid; it used to be that project completion led to staff movement. However, with the change in landscape, employees have been risk averse in terms of changing jobs whilst employers have concerns around meeting their business requirements due to talent shortages.

There has been a significant change in contract length with companies now extending contracts as long as possible to avoid staff shortages. This unprecedented situation means that there isn’t the same amount of skilled procurement and logistics candidates in the market.

Candidates will move; however, the benefits must provide enough incentive.  Employer Value Propositions are becoming more important than ever in attracting and retaining staff.  From our conversations with various stakeholders across the sector, there are 3 key drivers to attract procurement and logistics personnel.

  1. Longer contracts, job security. In these uncertain times, a longer contract can be a dealbreaker between making a change or staying in their current role.
  1. Interesting projects. The scope and parameters need to be clear and communicated in a way that will engage and excite prospective candidates – something where they can utilise and further develop skill sets.
  1. Flexible, modern working conditions. COVID has set a ‘new normal’ and even though workplaces are opening up, we have climatised to flexible working conditions. In order to really stand out, employers will need to offer flexible working hours going forward.

Recruitment has changed and this means employers must devise innovative Employee Value Proposition strategies to attract and retain top talent.

Attracting staff is so much more than just offering remuneration for services. Your company needs to understand the needs of their employees and offer perks and benefits, differentiating you against your competitors and adding real value to the employee. 

Contact the Vertical Talent team to make sure your recruitment efforts in the procurement and logistics sector are showcasing all that your company has to offer. Contact our team today on 13 14 48.


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