Wellbeing, when ONE SIZE FITS ALL fails

Tazmayn Goode


Scene ONE:

Its 2:55 PM. My 6th Zoom meeting for the day has finished 5 minutes early (woohoo!). Blood sugar is low, bladder full, my teething toddler is still napping. This means 5 whole heaven-sent minutes, just for me to tend to my most basic human needs before I stare at my face as it waits in the Zoom lobby, ready to attend the next meeting.

And then… the doorbell rings, I run to the door to ensure the bell doesn’t ring again, waking the sleeping tiny terror. I’m met with a very friendly and oh so chatty Postie. Obligingly I entertain his small talk, knowing full well we need to be spreading kindness wherever we can given our global state of declining emotional, mental and social wellbeing. He hands me the package. Its from work? OMG. Is this a termination letter? I open it…  unamused as my PC calls me back. I attend meeting number seven worse off than I ended meeting number six. How can work think a stress ball and sanitiser is going to “brighten my day”? I’d trade all the stockpiled sanitiser in my house for just an hour to myself.

Scene TWO:

My workdays have been reduced to 3 days a week, today is a non-work day so I don’t even have the virtual connections I usually look forward to, to break the monotony of physical isolation.

Its day 88 of lockdown and only 2:55 PM, the hours drag and my mind fills with the dreaded dark fog that I know so many people are partial to these days. I’ve read the stats on Mental Health. The doorbell rings!? The Postie?! “A package? It must be a mistake.. I haven’t ordered anything?” ‘Its definitely for you, it’s got your name on it’… our conversation is brief but perfectly timed – it got me outdoors after all. I felt the sunshine. What a wonderful surprise! Who would have thought a quirky little stress ball and some fig scented sanitiser sent from my company would be my lifeline today.

“On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being living your best life, where would you put the wellbeing of your Organisation?”

“Uhm, I’d guess around 4.5 – we really have our staffs’ wellbeing high on the agenda, for example we just sent out a hamper to all of our Melbournian staff in lockdown with a stress ball and some hand sanitiser! You know, so they know we care about them!”

Just as people differ, so do our individual wellbeing needs. Just as our own physical, emotional and spiritual needs differ from week to week, so do our wellbeing needs. Wellbeing is fluid – and so are the most effective Wellbeing programs as our research suggests.

Our latest research shows that individuals with a broader variety of wellbeing tools, encompassing all elements of personal wellbeing (we use the PERMAH framework; Positive emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Motivation, Achievement and Health) have a higher sense of thriving despite struggle. When we are equipped with the right tools for the right job, we are more likely to experience a sense of overall Wellbeing.  

Fresh fruit packages will work for some, others eat organic. Online yoga classes will work for some, others would rather consume their sun hat that endure 45 seconds of down dog. Complimentary Wellbeing webinars will work for some, others will sacrifice their first cup of java if it means just one extra hour away from the screen. EAP will save someone’s life, others’ cannot even admit to themselves they’re experiencing struggle.

As Employers we can best support our peoples’ wellbeing by offering this diversity rather than opting for the One Size Fits, wellbeing care package. The most effective Wellbeing programs are customised and able to adapt to meet the changing needs of our people. Whether you’re looking to supplement your existing wellness offering, or are feeling a bit overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start in your wellbeing journey, our Drake Wellness Consultants are here to help. Contact us for an obligation free call today.  

If you’d like to read more about what the research tells us about Australian Employees Wellbeing as of Aug 2020, download the report here.


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