Top 10 paying jobs in Australia – and 5 are in health!

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Right now, the job market is showing signs of a high potential for future jobs. However, as every job seeker knows, not all jobs are created equal. Some pay much better than others. Which jobs will be the best paying ones? Let's take a closer look at the top ten highest paying jobs as well as one of the most in-demand jobs in Australia right now. 

Top 10 highest paying jobs in Australia

Recent data from Australian Taxation Office’s latest Taxation Statistics report. 

  • Surgeon – $406k 
  • Anaesthetist – $388k 
  • Internal Medicine Specialist – $311k
  • Financial Dealer – $280k
  • Psychiatrist – $253k
  • Medical Practitioners – $233k
  • Judicial/Legal Professionals – $190k
  • Mining Engineer – $188k
  • Engineering Manager – $162k
  • Financial Manager – $155k 

Most in-demand job in Australia... Disability support workers are on the rise

With healthcare jobs always in high demand, a stand out in the sector is for Disability Support Workers.  It is currently one of the most in-demand jobs in the nation. There were a staggering 5101 jobs in aged and disability care from June to August 2022. Further, there are 4.4 million people in Australia, or 18% of the population, living with a long-term disabilities. Of that number, 32%, or 1.4 million people, have profound or severe disabilities that mean they need ongoing support to live independently. 

The job of a disability support worker can be extremely rewarding and offers many benefits. For a disability support worker, no day is ever the same. Primarily as a care worker you provide the opportunity to support people with disabilities living on their own in their own homes. You may provide companionship or support with daily living activities, such as bathing, eating, and grooming. You may also provide assistance with domestic duties or household tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and washing laundry. 

Disability support worker's job titles can extend to 24/7 care workers, rehabilitation aides, and community service workers. As a Disability Support Worker, you might provide support for a variety of clients, or you can work with one or two full-time clients either on a part-time, casual or full-time basis. As a Disability Support Worker, you have the opportunity to support individuals across a broad range of disabilities from mental impairments such as acquired brain injuries to physical disabilities which often include impairments of the neuromusculoskeletal systems including, for example, the effects of paraplegia, quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy, and motor neurone disease. 

In-home care positions are usually entry-level positions. Disability Support Worker can be a pathway for a range of other healthcare roles.  You can undertake further training and certifications to build on qualifications and potentially move into nursing or other support or healthcare related roles. 

Becoming a disability support worker can be an exciting and rewarding career. You will be helping people to live their lives more independently. It’s also a relatively new profession so there are plenty of opportunities for advancement as well as job security - with demand increasing every year! If you want to make a real difference in the world, help others live the best version of their life is a great option. 

It is often said a career in healthcare is rewarding, and today, it also provides several other benefits such as job security, flexibility with hours and a large choice of work opportunities.  

Like to learn more about Disability Support Work? Search Disability Support Jobs today.

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