Thinking of Resigning? Explore our essential tips.

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Thinking of Resigning? Explore our essential tips.

A resignation letter may feel like an outdated formality; however, it is still an extremely important aspect of the resignation process and a vital opportunity to demonstrate your professionalism.

Your resignation letter is used to officially notify your employer that you are terminating your employment with them.  

It is valuable to understand the appropriate essentials when writing and submitting a resignation letter. To make the process easy, we have listed some tips below: 

  1. Verbally inform your manager

As a courtesy, your first step should always be to verbally inform your manager of your intention to resign. A direct and courteous conversation implies respect for your manager and prepares them to receive your official notice of resignation.

  1. Be polite and diplomatic

Tact and diplomacy are the key aspects of departing with mutual respect. In your resignation letter, express your gratitude for any of the valued opportunities provided and highlight some of your favourite assignments or projects. You may even provide positive feedback on a manager, colleague, or team. Your positivity will be appreciated. 

  1. Offer to help in the transition

Communicate your willingness to assist in the transition and handover of your role. Be flexible and allow your manager to choose when and how the transition occurs.

  1. Avoid criticism and complaint

If you have less than favourable opinions of your soon-to-be former employer, it is not necessary to go into detail in your resignation letter. Although it can be tempting to use the resignation letter as an opportunity to provide some constructive feedback, exit interviews provide a more appropriate medium for any feedback you may have.

  1. Leave out unnecessary details

A winning resignation letter is short, sweet, and to the point. Remember, this is an official way to let your employer know that you intend to find a new challenge. Stick to the essential facts. 

  1. Proof-read your resignation letter

Your resignation letter is an official document, representing both you and that chapter of your career. Ensure that there are no factual errors, unnecessary embellishments, or spelling mistakes. Make your final impression a good one. 

What are the key elements of a Resignation Letter?

A resignation letter is the official document that states your intention to leave employment. To ensure that yours is professional, please see some helpful formatting tips below:

  • Your address and contact information
  • Date
  • Brief paragraph stating your intention to leave
  • Amount of notice you intend to give (this may be stipulated in your contract)
  • Offer to support in the transition


Good luck with your resignation letter writing!




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