There's More to Say After R U OK?

Kate Schattner


Are you struggling through these unprecedented times? Are you getting the support that you need? Do you have tools to effectively manage the highs and lows of work and life? Are you OK?


2020 has brought with it much change, challenges and disappointments. How many Australians brought in the New Year, committing to making it the best year yet, only to be faced with countless lock-downs, periods of complete isolation, and ongoing uncertainty on the future. Whether clinically diagnosed with a mental health disorder or simply struggling with our new COVID-normal, the simple question ‘Are you OK?’ is now more pertinent than ever before.

The national day is dedicated to asking friends, family members and colleagues ‘R U OK?’. It's about guiding Australians on what to say when someone says they’re not OK and how you can continue facilitating these conversions that could save a life. Business leaders, owners and employees need to be encouraged to change their workplace culture, to ensure people feel safe and supported. 

We need to recognise the importance of keeping the mental health of ourselves and of those around us ‘in check’. To keeping our eyes open on the warning signs, and going the extra mile to safe-keep our fellow members of society. We are all in this together - together, we will go further and come out stronger. 

These four simple steps could make all the difference:

  1. Ask questions
  2. Listen with an open mind
  3. Encourage action, without judgement 
  4. Check in regularly 

Drake is committed to the ongoing wellbeing of the clients and candidates that it serves. Drake is here to make a difference, to instigate positive change in the workplace, to empower individuals to take responsibility for their wellbeing and for the wellbeing of those around them, and to educate leaders to lead this change. Not surprisingly, our wellbeing and how we feel day-to-day has a significant impact on our performance, engagement, satisfaction and relationships, not only affecting individuals lives, but their teams and organisations as well.

Today, we commemorate the ‘R U OK? Day, but we aim to educate on the importance of this day, not only today, but every day. Mental health is a real issue in today's world - it affects our personal and professional lives significantly. According to our research, 81% (or 4 out of 5) of Australian workers report increased levels of struggles in 2020. People are struggling - this is no longer in question. Our lives have been turned upside down and we are being forced to fast adapt in order to survive. Our present reality has been taken out of our control - but we can take ownership of the way we feel, better manage our wellbeing, and be an influencer of positive change in the workplace and at home.

If you’re looking for support, Drake has a number of wellness programs designed specifically to assist companies and individuals through these unprecedented times. 


Looking for more information to start your wellbeing journey? Contact Drake today on 13 14 48  or visit us at au.drakeintl.com.


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