Maximize your profile, part 2

Dr. John Demartini

Desperation Versus Inspiration

When you hire, don’t rescue desperation. Many skills you can train,but inspiration isn’t easy to develop and actually takes a bit of work. Take the time to evaluate the whole person, not just their curriculum vitae.



When you have fewer demands, you become more easily distracted and/or anxious.When your employees have fewer demands, they become less productive. It’s up to you to manage them and yourself, to keep your employees busy, focused, and inspired.


Working on Your Business

Business fulfillment doesn’t automatically result from hard work. Working smart is just as important. Here are a few important strategies to remember when working on your business:


Raising Fees

Knowing all the details and costs of your business is vital. Knowing where you stand financially tells you how flexible or firm you can be and prevents you from making unwise business decisions. Take the time to work out all of your costs and put a true value on yourself and your business. It will pay handsomely in the long run, saving you years of undervalued work. Know your dollar value, or you’ll sell yourself short.


Prosperity and Austerity

Everything occurs in cycles. In times of perceived prosperity, you’ll feel elated and you’ll tend to focus on lower priorities. In times of perceived austerity, you’ll feel depressed, pessimistic, and impatient. Then you’ll become creative, go back to the basics, and act purposefully once again. When you’re at your peak, do what you’d normally do at your bottom. When you’re at your bottom, do what you’d normally do at your peak. Neutralize the swings and keep growing.


Did I?

Ira Hayes, a professional speaker,was an authority on the laws of success. Every time he discovered a powerful and effective business idea, he wrote it down. He carried the original list with him wherever he went and updated and read it daily. He also inspired thousands of his students around the world to do the same. He inspired me when I was in my 20s, and I created what I call a “Did I?” form, which is a daily self-mastery checklist. Every time I discovered something that helped my business grow, I added it to the list, and now I review that list at the end of each day.


“Did I today?” Form
  • Did I count my blessings and focus on being thankful?
  • Did I list and prioritize my daily actions?
  • Did I act on my priority actions?
  • Did I think in terms of people’s values?
  • Did I share from my heart while speaking?
  • Did I write at least one thank-you letter?
  • Did I grow and accelerate my wealth?


Make sure you request feedback about your products and services to keep refining and evolving what you do and how you do it. Not every suggestion will be of the greatest value, but by being selective, you can receive tremendous feedback.


Work and Play

During your business career, you’ll experience moments of work and play, seriousness and humour, and tragedy and comedy. If you’re wise, you’ll embrace them all equally, for each pair will help you remain centred and focused. Put work and play together and you and your employees will be more integrated, energetic, and inspired.The purpose of life is life,and it requires two sides to be complete.


Put Your Heart in It

When you truly appreciate and value where you are and what products or services you have to offer, so will others.Whatever you think about and focus on with inspiration is what you attract into your life. It’s a basic law of business. Until your innermost dominant thought is your clients, don’t expect their innermost dominant thought to be your business. When they are on your mind, you are on their mind.

Dr. John Demartini is a human behaviour specialist, business consultant, and bestselling author. To find out more about Dr. Demartini and the Demartini Institute, visit www.drdemartini.co.za. Recently, Drake developed a relationship with Dr. Demartini. Throughout 2009, Drake is making available monthly podcasts, delivered by Dr. John Demartini and the Demartini Institute, highlighting an aspect of leadership. If you would like Dr. John Demartini to speak to your organization, email Lesley Rogan, at: LRogan@au.drakeintl.com.

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Reprinted with the permission of Dr. John Demartini, one of the world’s leading authorities on human behaviour and personal development. He is the founder of the Demartini Institute, a private research and education organization with a curriculum of over 72 different courses covering multiple aspects of human development. Listen to regularly updated podcasts delivered by Dr. Demartini and the Demartini Institute that highlight different aspects of leadership. Contact info@drdemartini.co.za for further information or visit www.drdemartini.com.


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