6 Solid reasons to offer remote working

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6 solid reasons to offer remote working

The COVID pandemic has upended our way of life, triggering a massive shift for employees and businesses alike. But not all change is bad change. In fact, there have been swift and significant upgrades in how and where we work. Speedy technology advances have enabled many roles to be fulfilled from home, and if it weren’t for COVID, we may have never realised the true potential of remote working.

There are industries such as health care where previously, it might have been unthinkable for employees not to be office based, whereas now it is a huge asset. A virtual workforce not only saves the business costs of having a physical office, but it means recruitment can be national, or even international; vastly widening the pool of prospective employees.


Did COVID accidentally lay a golden egg for the talent shortage?

Despite the obvious benefits and huge potential for remote working, there are some businesses that are still hesitant to allow a fully remote workforce. But for those businesses that see this golden opportunity, the sky is the limit!


Here are our 6 reasons why offering remote working will mitigate the talent shortage and improve your bottom line.

1. Increase your talent pool selection

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Now you have other cities and continents to source talent from. By offering remote working you can choose the best-in-class on a global standard!


2. Reduce staff turnover

Remote working is one of the most popular criteria when selecting a job opportunity. By offering this you will enjoy much higher staff retention.


3. Increase productivity

There have been a few recent studies that support the theory of increased productivity from workers who adopt a remote working environment read more here


4. Minimise staff burn out

Removing the commute from work will be a huge benefit for employees and help reduce stress and fatigue which all contribute to burnout.

5. Increase staff morale

Employees that feel trusted to work from home will have raised morale and happiness at work


6. Decrease business costs

Every office space costs the business money. If a physical office is eradicated or at least minimised, the business can save thousands in monthly costs.


The rise in remote work presents an opportunity for all business to review how they hire and, more importantly, to consider expanding their hiring options. The barriers that once kept roles office based have all but disappeared. By being a forerunner on remote and flexible working, you may soon be able to say, ‘what talent shortage?’!

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