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Employees are the most important aspect of any business; however, Work Health and Safety considerations are often overlooked in favour of other business activities, as Safety is viewed as a complex and expensive task, which does not generate profit for the business or undertaking.

Protecting the health, safety and well being of your workers, can assist your business in 3 core areas:


  • Meeting legal obligations
  • Meeting your moral obligations
  • Reducing costs, resulting in increased profitability 

The unforeseen costs of a business or undertaking, conducting work activities in a poor Work Health and Safety environment includes:


  • Workers experiencing a short-, medium- or long-term negative impact of an injury or incident
  • Exposure to potential fines and/or penalties of the WHS Act and regulations
  • Increased costs for workers compensation
  • Increased recruitment demands and lost productivity
  • Increased medical and rehabilitation expenses
  • The cost to investigate an injury or incident
  • Increased training or re-skilling costs
  • Possible property damage to plant or equipment 

Most, especially small to medium sized, companies find it challenging to stay on top of a complex area such as WHS and find it difficult to know where to start in meeting their compliance obligations. This is where Drake Safety can assist you.



"Your safety is not by accident"


Drake Safety Solutions, through our qualified and experienced team, can help you in protecting your business from exposure to these unforeseen expenses and to ensure you are meeting your WHS legal and moral obligations, with our cost-effective safety products and services, including:


  • WHS Compliance and WHS Gap Analysis audits
  • WHS Management System development
  • WHS Inductions
  • WHS Consulting Services
  • WHS risk assessment and procedure development

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