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Match organisational goals with people with the right skills to realise them.

Workplaces and the demands on employees continue to escalate, driven by both competitiveness and the impact of technology. It is essential that staff receive regular training not only to ensure that their current skills remain relevant but also to ensure that they are able to leverage the best in class skills to advance productivity.   



Replacing fragmented learning methods with one that is efficient, consistent, and centralised will provide you with a systematic way to increase competencies and performance.


Aside from enabling organisations to attract the best possible talent, Drake International can enable you to retain that talent through DrakeWize and the access to over 700 online training courses.  

  • Choose to access the courses via our platform (linked to your HRIS)
  • Purchase your own platform and upload our courses  

Our qualified consultants are here to assist you in assessing your requirements and implementing the best possible learning management solution for your business.  

Drake Training delivers a broad range of professional development and leadership programs designed to strengthen all elements of your workforce. 



Drake International offers a wide range of training and development courses across the following areas:

  • Leadership and Strategy
  • Management and Supervision
  • Personal Development
  • Six Sigma
  • Sales Training
  • Team Building
  • Health and Safety
  • Industry Specific Training
  • Microsoft Office Suite Application


In partnering with Drake Training, you’ll receive access to your own tailored portal – inclusive of support, access to results and business analytics. Drake Training provides the tools needed to take your organisation to the next level. Whether you’re focused on culture, leadership, or employee development – we have the right program for you.


Contact us now to discover more about how Drake Training can up-skill your workforce. 

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