Drake Wellness Hub


The Wellness Hub is the first-to-market of its kind, providing businesses with a complete wellness solution, supporting Physical, Mental, Social and Financial Wellbeing for individuals, teams and organisations. 



At Drake International, we’re committed to delivering world-class products that will provide true value, yield a positive return on investment, and improve the business’ bottom line. We’re focused on helping organisations to put their workers first, provide a safe and secure working environment, and ensure individuals, teams and organisations have the tools they need to not just survive, but thrive in today's world.

The Wellness Hub brings to market a range of solutions designed to help organisations and their workers to feel good, function effectively, and perform optimally. The benefits to businesses and their workers are endless, from improving cognitive performance, bolstering creativity and innovation, to reducing absenteeism and turnover. There is no better time to justify your organisation's wellness spend and ensure that it’s weaved into next year's annual budget. Now, more than ever before, we need to prioritise workers’ wellbeing and provide the support levels needed to thrive through uncertain times. 

Drake Wellness Hub Services:

  • Body composition assessment & reporting. 
  • One-on-one health, nutrition and wellness consultations. 
  • Mental health counselling service.
  • Manager support & conflict resolution.
  • Critical incident management.
  • Psychometric testing.
  • Individual & team coaching.
  • Scientific, actionable wellbeing assessments & programs.
  • Corporate seminars & workshops
  • Employee reward programs, discounts and benefits.
  • Financial counselling and support programs.

The Wellness Hub supports a mix and match approach, providing organisations with access to a custom solution that aligns with their business needs and delivers true value to the organisation and its workforce.

Click HERE to download our workers’ wellbeing report. 

Contact our Drake Wellness Consultants today to schedule a free health check of your business and take the first step in your health and wellbeing journey.  

 For more information, visit the Drake Wellness Hub.

Visit the Drake Wellness Hub


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