Drake WellbeingHub

Drake WellbeingHub (formally known as Drake WorkWise) has been in operation since 1998, offering organisations across Australia with access to EAP and critical incident services.


In an effort to offer a more holistic, integrated and substantial wellbeing offering, the new brand is a symbol of our vision - to help people thrive. Drake WellbeingHub offers EAP and critical incident management support, as well as the valuable ancillary services that help organisations and their workers to thrive in today's complex world.

Drake WellbeingHub brings to market a range of world class, market leading products and services that fit into four service categories: (1) Mental Health (EAP), (2) Wellness, (3) Assessments and (4) Strategy.

Our experienced, qualified and registered, diverse and highly skilled clinicians, deliver confidential services to our valued customers. Drake WellbeingHub has a strong reputation as a boutique service provider to Australian organisations, including a number of ASX listed companies. We work closely with our customers, providing wellbeing solutions, which ultimately helps organisations achieve a wide range of operational and business goals.

Being mindful of the remote, overwhelmed and cost-conscious reality workplaces are facing, the Drake WellbeingHub wellbeing services can be delivered in short, powerful and socially interactive bursts that are immediately actionable and tailored to the unfolding challenges. We don’t only lead change in the workplace, but empower change among members of the leadership team and workers combined.
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