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Drake’s priority is to ensure the ongoing wellbeing of its clients and candidates. Our first-to-market wellbeing product enables us to partner with organisations to improve the mental wellbeing of workers through the application of scientific and actionable assessment, programs, and tools. Founded by a team of industry renowned experts in Positive Psychology, our programs have been helping organisations of all sizes globally improve employee wellbeing, boost resilience, create psychological safety, and subsequently maximise performance.


What is wellbeing? 

Wellbeing is ultimately about feeling happy, fulfilled, and functioning effectively as we navigate the inevitable highs and lows of work and life. Research finds that how we feel physically, mentally and socially, and how we perform at work are far from mutually exclusive; thriving occurs when we consistently feel and function well. Our research shows that only a small percentage of workers are constantly thriving - which has dropped since 2019, and a whopping 81% of workers reported that their struggles have increased in 2020.  

When we feel well, we bring more energy, focus and motivation to work, and report greater job satisfaction, optimal performance, and greater commitment to our job.


Benefits of Positive Wellbeing:

Unfortunately, many workplaces provide limited support for people’s wellbeing. Being mindful of the remote, overwhelmed, and cost-conscious reality workplaces are facing, we design wellbeing services that can be delivered in short, powerful, socially interactive bursts that are immediately actionable and tailored to the unfolding challenges. We don’t only lead change in the workplace, but empower change among members of the leadership team and workers combined.


“We are committed to helping our people thrive through education, understanding, and influencing positive change in the workplace”


Drake Wellbeing services offers a choice of flexible options including:

  • Live webinars
  • Coaching/mentoring for your leadership team;
  • PERMAH wellbeing survey
  • Wellbeing consultations
  • Facilitated workshops for all team members;
  • Custom programs designed to best meet your organisation's wellness needs;
  • Digital toolkit; articles, eBooks, podcasts, and more!

 For more information, visit the Drake Wellness Hub.

Visit the Drake Wellness Hub


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