Drake P3 Behavioural Assessment

Hire the best. Develop the best. Retain the best. 

Drake P3® is a personality assessment that takes the guesswork out of predicting performance and behavioural compatibility, providing your organisation:


  • Higher Productivity and Effectiveness
  • Improved Job Satisfaction
  • Reduced Employee Turnover
  • Enhanced Client Relations


Designed in-house by a team of organisational psychologists and externally validated by a leading North American university, Drake P3 analyses the four key traits most predictive of workplace performance and cultural fit:





Industry feedback indicates that over 85 % of employees leave an organisation due to a personality or culture clash.



With applications across the full employee life cycle, Drake P3 is capable of supporting your organisation through:


Individual Assessment

An in-depth analysis of individuals’ personality traits, outlining key strengths and weaknesses related to the six qualities most predictive of workplace performance and cultural fit.



Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your employees to improve workflow, performance, and interpersonal relationships within team environments.


Job Recommendation

Place your employees in a position to succeed by using P3 results to determine the optimal jobs and environments for your workforce.


Top Performer Profile

Comparing all assessment results, Drake Solutions develops a Top Performer Profile­, highlighting the key characteristics displayed by model employees and high performers. These results enhance team culture, advance leadership, and deliver managerial insight.


Peer-to-Peer Assessment / Team Communication   

Improve your team’s communication by understanding your workforce’s dominant traits, optimal communication methods, and how to utilise the strengths of each employee to maximise productivity.


Team Analysis / Role Adjustment

Using P3, Drake Solutions conducts a comprehensive team analysis – suggesting beneficial role or structural adjustments based on the personality composition of your team.


Integration Report

Following your completion of the P3 Behavioural Assessment, Drake will deliver a comprehensive Integration report outlining key findings, nominated top performers, and suggested organisational changes, designed to promote the productivity and profitability of your organisation.


Drake P3  


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