Drake Biometrics, powered by Evolt

We are living more years in good health, according to the Australian Institute of Health & Welfare. Australia performs equally or better than many other comparable countries on selected health measures, though alcohol consumption, health expenditure and obesity are three topical areas where improvements can and should be made. 

Drake Biometrics, powered by Evolt, is the perfect synergy between technology, science and bio wellness. Via an evidence-based, scientifically backed solution, we can now reliably measure body composition providing a baseline for the prescription of exercise and nutrition programs, positively impacting lifestyle choices both at home and at work.

Business Benefits

  1. Improve employee health and wellbeing. 
  2. Improve motivation and workplace morale. 
  3. Improve brain function and performance.
  4. Lower absenteeism and turnover.


 The Science

Drake Biometrics utilises the Evolt 360 device that is a medically registered body composition scanner with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (TGA). It uses bioelectrical impedance technology to assess Bio-Wellness Index (BWI®), calculated by amalgamating more than 30 different body composition measurements. 

In managing out Bio-Wellness Index, we’re able to:

  • Increase metabolic rate.
  • Increase muscle glycogen storing capacity - a primary source of energy during exercise.
  • Build and maintain muscle mass.
  • Improve response to critical illness and disease.
  • Decrease osteoporotic risk by improving bone density through exercise and nutrition.

The Product

Drake Biometrics is a non-invasive device ascertaining body competition in just 60 seconds, providing a full, easily digestible health report. The device provides a baseline body composition measurement plus calorie and macronutrient calculations and vitamin and supplement suggestions to help you with your physical wellbeing journey. Put in the work and let Drake Biometrics measure and monitor your results over time.


  1. Full report that can be co-branded with your business. The report can be stored in the user’s profile or printed. 
  2. User profiles: individual calorie and macronutrient profiles configured from goal, body type, activity level/type, and progress charts and other questionnaires.
  3. Business reporting: user’s scans, progress charts, and data analytics.
  4. Team building: run workplace challenges to spice up work life and keep workers engaged and motivated.


Monitoring your physical wellbeing has never been so simple and attainable. With the application of periodic scans and the support of a health and wellness professional, your workforce will be on their way to complete physical wellbeing in no time at all.


Want to Learn More?

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Visit the Drake Wellness Hub