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Drake Employment Services works alongside employment service providers to identify and support vulnerable and at-risk individuals to transition into the workforce.


Drake Employment Services works alongside employment services providers to identify and support vulnerable and at-risk individuals to transition into the workforce.

Partnering with our extensive network of JobActive providers, Drake Employment Services supports and empowers job seekers from diverse backgrounds through access to industry-leading training and career opportunities.

Long-term unemployment places individuals at a significant disadvantage and undermines their ability to succeed in the workforce. To combat this, Drake Employment Services delivers client-specific training solutions throughout the employee lifecycle backed by our JobActive partners.

Offering a suite of training and development solutions designed to support and prepare job seekers in their pursuit of sustainable employment, our clients are well prepared to enter workforces that would have otherwise proved elusive.

Motivated to promote the financial welfare of the wider community and diversify the workforce, Drake Employment Services works proactively to mitigate the inherent disadvantages and barriers that affect vulnerable individuals.

Committed to providing genuine and ongoing support to vulnerable and at-risk candidates, Drake continues to invest in the communities in which we operate and our candidates’ potential to evolve.

In partnering with Drake Employment Services, our candidates have developed the confidence and relevant knowledge to excel in their future roles and acquire lifelong career opportunities.


Our Targeted Training and Employment Preparation Services include:

  • Internal onboarding
  • Client specific onboarding
  • Meeting employer expectations through interviewing techniques, dressing for the role, CV preparation and other job-ready skills
  • Employment Focused Training and Induction Model.

Our Range of Services

  • Upskilling and training
  • Equal employment opportunities
  • Mentoring and development training. 


“I’m really enjoying the work, especially the production runs. I feel so much more positive. Looking for work and having the constant rejections was tough”  - Christian, Factory Hand at Kymbari


 Why Partner with Drake Employment Services?

  • We have a supportive team, dedicated to reducing unemployment
  • We devote ourselves completely to the well-being of our clients
  • We provide staffing solutions tailored to our clients
  • We deliver renowned training solutions that provide candidates the skills to break through employment barriers
  • We have successfully secured employment for hundreds of individuals
  • We provide access to our reputable network of JobActive partners.  

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