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Drake Student Recruitment assists you in becoming an international student in Australia. We advise the best course for your budget and goals, and manage the enrolment process.


Are you an international student wanting to study in Australia? 

Why choose Drake Student International? 

Drake Student Recruitment is dedicated to providing a tailored service to connect international students with various study opportunities throughout Australia.

How Does It Work?

Our knowledgeable education councillors conduct one on one interviews with you to map out your career goals and study pathway. We advise the best course for your budget and goals, manage the enrolment process with your college or university, and assist with your student visa application. Our services are 100% free!


“Amazing from start to finish. They made the whole process much easier and made me feel so at ease about applying for my visa. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting to study in Australia." Bethany


Our 100% Free Services Include:

  • Course counselling to progress your career
  • Finding the right course for your budget & timeline
  • Processing all the paperwork for successful enrolment
  • Sourcing the correct overseas student health cover (OSHC)
  • Helping to prepare the genuine temporary entrant statement (GTE)
  • Assisting with your student visa application

Contact Drake Student Recruitment for your free consultation on the study opportunities available in Australia.

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